AboutBruce Levine Homes

About Bruce Levine

I am a veteran independent residential real estate broker who lives in San Diego. I work everywhere in San Diego County with every type of home seller and buyer in all price ranges. From multi-million dollar luxury communities to small studios. I love representing first-time home buyers too. I always look for well-aligned clients I feel I can genuinely be helpful to. 

Bruce’s Thoughts About Residential Real Estate:

Buying or selling a house should not be stressful, and it isn’t when I help my clients become well-informed. That way they make quality real estate choices with great outcomes. Excellence at what I do, decades of experience and a very caring heart make selling or buying a home with me a professional process that is free of drama. As my client you will feel like you are properly engaged with and truly heard.

My goal is to make you feel like you are in a firmly planted, ethical. competent space throughout the process. I work with grounded, thoughtful clients. Accordingly, my business thrives with a long list of satisfied people, Many of whom have become friends. I hope that happens with us. You can read what real humans (some of my clients) have written about the work I’ve done for them on YELP! 

Bruce’s Nitty Gritty

When meeting with me about selling your home, I will prove to you how by working together, you will obtain meaningfully higher sales proceeds than by working with a salesperson offering a discount, a full-service salesperson or any other Broker. I’m not talking about a small amount of additional money in your pocket, but substantial dollars. I will do this for you while controlling sales process so you are in a position of strength always, including during negotiations. I am a superior negotiator. Just as pleasant, it is my job to vet Buyers and their representatives. We’re looking for quality people of character to work with on the other side of the table. People like you. People like me. It makes the process drama-free. If you feel we may be well-aligned, I will provide the leadership, skills and talent you are looking for. I’m worth every penny.