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Bruce is the kind of guy who always goes the extra mile because he genuinely cares about his clients. He helped me purchase my first home several years ago, and I never knew what a hassle home-buying can be until I heard from my friends with their difficulties. I refer to Bruce whenever possible and always receive such gratitude because he truly makes the process as easy as possible, and is always honest about everything.

Bruce knows the market and more importantly, takes the time to know his clients to make sure expectations are exceeded. He is extremely detail-oriented and will do everything it takes to ensure 100% satisfaction.
We were blessed to find Bruce Levine!!! We hired Bruce to sell our Clairemont home. What a pleasure it was to work with him. He knows the market well and we were not disappointed with our outcome. From start to finish he walked us through every step of the selling process. He made sure all potential buyers were pre-qualified so we avoided any surprises along the journey! He is knowledgeable, ethical and very easy to work with! We received an offer on the first day our home was listed. It sold in one week!! We received the highest price for a home in our area in many years! We highly recommend Bruce Levine!
I was lucky enough to work with Bruce Levine on a real estate transaction and was absolutely floored by his great work ethic, integrity and professionalism. It is so refreshing to work with such an individual and I really hope to be able to do so again.
My fiancé and I were first time home buyers and really did not know as much as we thought we did about purchasing our first home.  Bruce was patient, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to guide us through the process step by step and get us a great home.  In the process, he was attentive, flexible, and readily available to answer our questions and view properties and on top of that, he was able to recommend an outstanding lender. We wholeheartedly recommend Bruce to anyone looking for an outstanding, knowledgeable, and patient realtor.
We couldn't be more pleased that we chose Bruce to represent us in the purchase of our first home. Due to the nature of my work I've had the opportunity to meet numerous real estate agents over the past ten years. And I've built relationships with many of the best in all of Southern California. When it came time to select a Realtor to work with Bruce was at the top of our list. Bruce's attention to detail and constant communication kept us sane during a normally crazy and nerve wracking experience. I would recommend Bruce every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Amanda and I cannot thank you enough for the time, knowledge and effort you put forth getting us into our new home!
Bruce is honest, energetic and committed to doing the best job possible--and in my opinion, those are the three most important qualities for a real estate agent.  He approaches each transaction as a collaboration with his client, providing all the information possible to allow you to make the best decision.  He is not only detail oriented but able to anticipate upcoming events in the process so we were prepared for them when they arrived.  He was also able to anticipate our needs by giving us time to reflect on decisions yet prompting us when events required action. In short, Bruce is a fantastic real estate agent.  And having worked with many agents over the years, that is a rare commodity.
As the saying goes, "Comes the time, comes the man." We were underfunded and overmatched in the heated San Diego market, but jumped in hoping to buy a home before the last houses in our price range were gone. After meeting with several agents, he was the first that told us we could get a house in the neighborhoods we wanted. Every one else said get more cash or move east. Bruce laid out a plan of quick movement on properties, aggressive bids and a realistic expectation of what we could expect. Speed was our main tactic. Every time a property came up on the list, which he knew we'd be interested in, there would be a call to us  in minutes. Most often in a couple of hours he'd be there to get us inside for a look. Then he would have a bid in place for us just as quickly. I know he has other clients with bigger wallets but never once did I see his attention waver from our pursuit. His responsiveness to my calls, questions and bouts of worry were unflagging. After several unsuccessful bids we did finally get an acceptance on a great house we love,  in a good neighborhood. Due to our bootstrap financing the deal nearly folded several times but Bruce was on top of it every time. Helping us with contractors to pass inspections, smoothing over problems with escrow and appraisal. He was always there and attacking the problem like a determined honey badger (which, I'm quite sure is his spirit animal.) Bruce is very good at his job and my wife, our son and I all recommend him. Especially, if you need someone to go the extra mile for you.
We just wanted to send you a note thanking your team on the recent sale of our home on Championship Road in Oceanside. It took a while in a tough market in our area but through perseverance, marketing and hard work our home was sold.

We came to list through your agency when I happened to meet with Greg Bacon in my driveway. He was in our neighborhood canvassing. He was very nice, courteous, and wanted to know if we’d be interested in a free home market evaluation. We’d previously had our home listed and it didn’t sell. We had been inundated with phone calls, letters, and offers to sell our home by other realtors. Greg’s easy going manner, respectfulness and not being pushy led me to agree to the offer and he said he would return the next day. I met with Greg the next day when he returned with the market analysis. He said that he would like to setup a meeting with the lead agent Sean Patrick Murphy to go over the analysis and what he could do to sell our home.

My wife and I met with Sean and Greg, and through the presentation decided to list with your agency. Sean was very thorough with a plan to market, list, and present our home to buyers. We had many Open Houses, interested buyers, until finally the right buyer came along.

We also met Frances Mouser whom we worked with in looking at many homes that fit what we were looking for. She sent us emails with current listings and was truly a pleasure to work with.
Thanks to your team and all of the others in your office that completed our successful sale.

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